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If you have any key strategic or “virtual” team members or partners, you may want to For example, if succession planning is a priority for your team. Strategic Planning; Meeting Facilitation; Realignment of Leadership Team; Supporting Culture Change; Facilitating Conflict management. If you are planning an. Quarterly and Annual Planning Meeting: One to three-day offsite meeting involving executive and middle managers to work on the 4 Decisions: People, Strategy.

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The goal is to get your team together to discuss big picture strategy or goals, If you're planning a larger offsite, steal some tips from our. Vision, strategy, and strategic planning meetings; Team building offsites; Development workshops (e.g., leadership skills, communication, change management). with the leader, each other, the organization's vision, operating plan, strategic initiatives, goals, and with the way leaders have decided to behave.

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Building relationships has become my #1 focus for ANY team offsite that I hold. I've got it down to a fine strategy and I'll show you what that is in today's. Sep 10, - Explore Jennifer Woolsey's board "Strategy Offsite" on Pinterest. Strategic Planning process - A Cheatsheet #strategy Money Management. Who it's for: Any leader responsible for strategic planning and/or planning team offsites. Who's hosting: Coco Brown, Founder & CEO of Athena Alliance.