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Ultra thin Fineo is the latest in vacuum double-glazing technology that improves the energy efficiency of hard to heat period homes with sash windows. Well yes and no. The glass used in old sashes is very thin, 2mm – 4mm is common. That allows the glazing bars (the pieces of wood that separate each. Fitting slim line double glazing to original sash windows is the perfect way to enjoy the benefits of double glazing while keeping the look and feel of your.

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New technology Slimlite Double Glazed units are virtually undetectable once puttied into a sash window and are therefore suitable for Conservation or Listed. Lomax + Wood manufacturer, supply and install custom-made double-glazed timber sash windows. Our windows are constructed using the highest standards and. Why choose sliding sash windows? · Features traditional ironmongery, a goal post frame and deep bottom rail to mimic a timber sash and case window · Both sashes.

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Having your existing sash windows double glazed is a lot easier than you may think. In many cases our skilled joiners can replace your existing single. Providing existing frames are sound, we can install new timber double glazed sashes into existing frames, which is a great upgrade to sash windows at less. Heritage styling, long lasting, high quality sash windows. Our replacement double glazed and single glazed sash windows can fit directly into your existing sash.