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If you keep animals in the Netherlands, you must be aware of the welfare requirements laid down in the Animal Act. The Netherlands ships millions of live animals to the other side of the world every year. Animals kept commercially or as pets are domesticated. About 36, animal species are found in the wild in the Netherlands, of which are protected by law.

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Cattle Farming in Dutch Culture. By the 17th century, the Netherlands sat at the center of a global trade network. Imported goods poured into its ports and. In , approximately million pigs were slaughtered in the Netherlands, roughly one pig per capita. In contrast, less than , bovine animals. Support our animals with a donation · Our focus areas · Exotic pets · Wildlife trafficking · Animals in entertainment · Support AAP · DONATE · HELP RESCUED CHIMPS.

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Animal laws in Netherlands at national level (anti-cruelty, protection and welfare). Find out about animal laws worldwide in the GAL Legislation Database. The Dutch Species Register provides a current and comprehensive overview of Dutch biodiversity. It is based on numerous published papers, reports. The Netherlands has more than 30 zoos or animal parks. Most of these belong to the Dutch Animal Park Association (NVD), and the larger ones are also part of.