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Use a nozzle attached to a garden hose and create a gentle water spray to dislodge webbing and as many insects as possible. Make sure to get the undersides of the leaves. This also removes dust from the leaves, a favorite hiding spot for mites. Use insecticidal soap: Allow plants to dry and apply an organic insecticidal soap. Spray in early.

How To Do Acrylic Nails With Glitter Tips

Nov 20,  · The proportion of Dr. Bronner's liquid castile soap used in the soapy water spray is crucial. Too much of it can burn plant leaves. Use 1 teaspoon of Dr. Bronner's soap in 1 quart of hot water. After mixing this thoroughly, pour the soapy water into a clean spray you've filled the spray bottle almost to the top, you can also add any other ingredients you .