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Can I remortgage my house to buy another one if I have loans and/or credit cards? Loans and credit cards will not necessarily be a barrier to remortgaging. But what exactly is remortgaging a home? Basically it involves cancelling your current mortgage and arranging a new one, using your house as collateral. This. Add up to €20, if you need funds for home improvements, Children education etc. Debt consolidation criteria guide and refinance notes. We are not currently.

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Accessing equity - remortgaging Another way to access your equity if you don't want to sell your house is to remortgage by borrowing against it. If the value. Very simply, remortgaging is where you switch your mortgage to a better deal, potentially saving you thousands of pounds on your annual repayments or meaning. You may consider remortgaging to consolidate debt, as you would then be able to raise the money to pay off your credit cards and existing short-term loans.

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Refinancing a mortgage – also known as remortgaging – means transferring your existing mortgage from one lender to another or switching loan products by paying. Remortgaging a house does not involve moving out of a home or taking out a second mortgage for the home, rather getting a new mortgage to pay off the current. A remortgage is when you apply for a new mortgage with a different lender, but stay in your current home. It's not the same as some people's remortgage.