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A new roof costs $ to $ on average and varies on the shingle material used and several factors. Calculate the price of your roof replacement. According to Angie's List, the average cost to replace a residential roof – as reported by members in – was $11, The average roofing project here in New England can cost anywhere from $ per square foot to $ per square foot, depending on the size, steepness.

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If you are looking into getting your roof replaced, you need to know everything that impacts the cost. Currently, the average price to replace a home roof. Corrugated metal roofing material is the least expensive, starting at just $ per square foot. Aluminum steel and tin roofs start at around $ per square. Roofing prices will fluctuate based on several factors. · If the tear off of an existing roof is no longer needed, it can drop the price to $ · If more.

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A basic 1,sf new roof costs around $8, Asphalt roof costs range from $ to $ per square foot. To get a more accurate cost for your roof. On a national average, a homeowner spends about $7, to install a new roof, with most homeowners spending within a range of $4, and $10, The reroofing. Average roof costs change from state to state across the US, the national average for a new roof is between $8, and $15, but there are so many.