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The non-Status bridging loan does not take into consideration your income & credit profile. Lending decisions as the repayment mechanism will be the sale of an. We also offer non status bridging loans, which means that we are willing to take a view on people with adverse credit histories and no proof of income. Instead. Basically, as a non-status loan borrower with bad credit can get a bridging loan when a loan without any security to back it up would not be available to them.

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Non- status bridging loans are bridging finance, that doesn't take affordability into account and are instead, secured against the potential of the project. Bridging finance is inclined to be non-status. However, lenders think about the kind and excellence of the assets as collateral as a measure of the lending. Non status bridging loans- No proof of income – % per month · Property Type* · Loan Amount*. 0 of 7 max characters · Loan Term In Months* · When Loan Required .

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Bridging Loans & Finance delivered at lightning speed. We're private lenders able to make fast decisions & complete loan applications up to £2 million. 3 months interest free with no monthly repayments, giving you plenty of time to sell your existing property. Bridgit loan. Local support, Aussie based. A non status bridging loan is a secured finance product that virtually anyone can apply for regardless of their credit rating or borrowing history.