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Another example of a common ploy to trick the recipient into clicking a link to a malicious website by claiming access to ITunes has been disabled. Phishing. Phishing attacks are a cybercrime where users are tricked into sharing their personal data, such as credit card details and passwords, and giving hackers. Phishing is an attack in which the threat actor poses as a trusted person or organization to trick potential victims into sharing sensitive information or.

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This is one of the most famous examples of how phishing attacks can catch more than just money. A group attacked Sony after they refused to withdraw a film. What is a common indicator of a phishing attack? Requests for personal information, generic greetings or lack of greetings, misspellings, unofficial "from". The Five Most Costly Phishing Attacks to Date · 1. Facebook and Google · 2. Crelan Bank · 3. FACC · 4. Upsher-Smith Laboratories · 5. Ubiquiti Networks.

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Phishing attack examples · Phishing Email · Spear Phishing · Whale Phishing or Whaling · Mass Campaigns · Ambulance Chasing Phishing · Pretexting · Smashing / Mobile. Examples of phishing attacks · Spear phishing · Whaling · Pharming · Deceptive phishing · Office phishing · Get started. Here is an example of a fake landing page shared on the website. After clicking on a link in a phishing email, users are routed to this fraudulent page.