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Secure multiple domains with one certificate. Entrust Multi-domain SSL Certificates are the ideal choice for securing multiple domains on one certificate. Our. An Organization Validated (OV) SSL certificate is a nice middle-ground between Domain Validated (DV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates. Secure unlimited Domains & SUB-DOMAINS. A Multi-Domain Wildcard SSL certificate is a highly versatile certificate type that secures connections for multiple.

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With a single Multi-Domain certificate, you can secure up to different domains. Certain Multi-Domain products also protect unlimited subdomains. Thus, one multi-domain certificate with 5 additional SANs can be used to secure the sausage domain + 5 subdomains, potato, and carrot domains. Otherwise, it is. Domain Validated SSL certificates show that a domain is registered and that a site administrator is running the URL. The certificate authority can typically.

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Domain Validation (DV). ACM certificates are domain validated. That is, the subject field of an ACM certificate identifies a domain name and nothing more. Technically known as SAN Certificate (Subject Alternative Names) – these certs are flexible to secure multiple hostnames, domains, sub-domain, and wildcard. A Multi-Domain SSL Certificate gives you complete versatility-it streamlines management. Easily secure multiple domains, sub-domains, external IP addresses.