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Flappers are one of the least expensive parts within a toilet tank and can be found in any hardware or home improvement store, as well as many department or. Put your toilet on a pedestal by keeping it well maintained. A bad toilet flapper inside the tank can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day. Universal design fits standard 2 inch plastic flush valves sold separately · Preferred by plumbers for superior quality and reliability · The preferred flapper.

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3" adjustable, ridged flapper; Universal – Fits most 3" flush valves; Includes stainless steel chain. FINISHES. GREEN WHITE. PRODUCT RESOURCES. A toilet flapper plays an important role. It serves as a plug that clamps down over the drain hole at the bottom of the toilet tank. When the flapper closes. What is a Flapper Valve? The flapper valve is a rubber plug that fits over an opening at the bottom of your toilet's tank. · Flapper Faults · Replacing the.

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Remove the toilet tank lid. Find the flapper, a rubber device covering the flush valve seat at the bottom of the tank that's attached to the flush handle. The toilet flapper is a rubber and plastic piece that seats over the pipe which sends fresh water into the toilet bowl when you flush. Sometimes they break. Toilet Flappers · Filter Results · 3" Adjustable Flapper · Bull's Eye Flapper · Smart Toilet Bowl Caps - White · Bull's Eye Super Flapper · Toilet Flapper Select.